Alex Deems

     Alex Deems is a cover musician and singer / songwriter performing everything from classics to contemporary Rock and Pop favorites.  His unique style is best described as Alternative Rock / Indie,  though he draws inspiration from a number of genres.  Alex fondly recalls growing up with a musical family.  "From a young age I would always hear my uncle play guitar and sing.  One night at a party, I went over to him and asked him how to play.  He taught me some chords and I took it from there!"  He then started fine tuning his guitar playing skills while studying Youtube videos and taking notes on bands like Pearl Jam, Van Halen, and Foo Fighters. 

     Alex feels at home on stage.  His first public performance was a talent competition that he ended up winning!  "Performance is the celebration of emotion and music.  It should be a party and it should be entertaining, but at the same time it should make the listener feel something important." He knew early that he wanted to perform in front of as many people as possible as often as possible.




Alex Deems Covering "Castle on the Hill"

Alex Deems Covering "Stairway to Heaven"

Alex Deems Covering "Wake Me Up"

Alex Deems Covering "Congratulations"

Alex Deems Covering "Ride"

Alex Deems Performing His Original "Stuck"

Alex Deems Covering "Landslide"

Alex Deems Performing His Original "Dreamer"