Keith Garner

Thoughtful, Hope-Filled Songwriter & Talented Cover Musician  

     Since the early 90’s Keith Garners’ incredible gifts, heartfelt lyrics, and all too genuine piano-based songwriting has given him a chance to share his stories with the world.  The piano has been his beginning and end for everything.  Since playing his own version of November Rain for his 6th grade graduation, to writing a song for his 2001 Senior class at Pennsylvania's CentralBucksWestHigh School, to writing and producing his debut album in 2010, Keith has used his voice to share his alluring melodies with this world and those within it.

     His debut album, which was released in 2010, ‘Something Better On My Side’ is most notable and filled with captivating hooks and hopeful heart-wrenching lyrics that will undoubtedly give any music lover a timeless journey. “Don’t Lie” and “Hold On,” share stories of love and loss through catchy hooks and Keith’s heart in hands vocals. “Judge Me” and “Something Better On My Side,” give an in your face approach to daily troubles in life with the use of memorable piano licks and powerful lyrics and hooks.  Keith also has a ballad heartbeat easily noticeable in the songs “One Last Dream,” “Question,” “Runaway,” and “Just You.” Listeners can connect with his thoughtful, hope-filled soul. “Wanna Live” offers more of a pop-like feel and tells a story about following the so-called right track and ending up dissatisfied.  Finally, “Rubber Legs” is a Rock & Roll song about getting back up when you get knocked down.  Only one of the songs, “Runaway,” was written before the album started being recorded.  Keith wrote the final nine songs while fine-tuning his idea of who he was as a songwriter.  Producer, teacher, and friend Derek Chafin, helped shape this record.  Through their hard work in ‘The Barn Studio,’ (Derek’s Studio in Media, Pennsylvania) ‘Something Better On My Side’ came to life.

     Keith has recorded with four time Grammy award winning (and RIAA certified Platinum & Gold) musician Glenn Barratt at Morning Star Studios in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  He has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with renowned artists such as The Roots, O.A.R., Dispatch, Blues Traveler, Wilco, Pat McGee, Cowboy Mouth, Ari Hest, Virginia Coalition, and many others when he performed keyboard/organ/vocals for the band Georgia Avenue from 2001-2002.  Keith has played at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, DC Sessions, Salisbury Park Maryland, and recorded an EP with Georgia Avenue at The Fidelitorium in North Carolina.  Today, he sits in as one of Philadelphia’s most prominent studio musicians and plays both his originals and covers throughout Southeastern, PA.


Keith Garner Covering "Piano Man"


Keith Garner Covering "Photograph"


Keith Garner Covering "Someone Like You"


Keith Garner Covering "Ordinary People"


Keith Garner Covering "Comfortable"


Keith Garner Covering "Gimme Shelter"