Pat & Greg

Acoustic Duo With Impressive Vocal Harmonies

     Pat & Greg are an acoustic duo that specialize in performing the cover tunes they love and that audiences appreciate.  They have nearly 20 years of combined professional experience.  Their plan is simple; have fun and make sure everyone else is having fun too!  Impressive vocal harmonies and their attention to detail set them apart from other acoustic duos.  They don't overplay anything and stay true to the integrity of the music while creatively intertwining their unique style.  

     Pat recalls drawing early influences from Greenday, Nirvana, Stanley Clarke, Flea, and Mike Gordon by subconsciously studying while listening to their music.  He would feel a rhythm and learn how to carry the song by sitting back in the pocket.  His set of skills eventually landed him two separate record contracts with One Eleven Records / Warner Music Group and Tragic Hero Records.  He has toured with two bands and most recently played guitar for L'Astronaut, who's critically acclaimed music has been downloaded in over 70 countries.  Meanwhile, Greg credits influences such as Classic Hard Rock, Metal, and 90's Alternative.     

     The two are humbled by the amount of performances they are requested to deliver and plan to continue keeping their schedule full.  They continue to improve their show and are constantly learning new material.  Pat & Greg are able to perform in any environment, whether a mellow dinner setting or a rocking party.  Meeting new people, making new friends, and sharing their music with new venues are all focal points of their aural campaign.  Pat & Greg take the most pride in positive crowd reaction and look forward to having you sing along soon. 





Pat & Greg Covering "All For You"

Pat & Greg Covering "Amie"

Pat & Greg Covering "Waste"

Pat & Greg Covering "Black"