Alyssa Dodge is a singer/songwriter from southeastern Pennsylvania.  She was inspired at a young age to pursue music after listening to countless hours of Taylor Swift albums.  By the age of six, she was convinced that she must have a guitar for Christmas.  Over the years, she began introducing herself to many more Country and Pop musicians, crediting artists such as Ed Sheeran and John Mayer for inspiration.

     To date, Alyssa has accumulated over 10 years of singing and guitar playing experience.  Her style has been compared to artists such as Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel.  Heart felt emotions experienced through real life experiences guide the content of Alyssa's original acoustic Pop / Folk music.  She wants listeners to feel connected to the stories she tells through her songs.  Her debut album ‘Temporary Nothing,’ released in December of 2018, has been streamed globally via your favorite music provider.  


Alyssa Dodge Covering “Breakfast at Tiffany's”

Alyssa Dodge Covering “Good Riddance”

Alyssa Dodge Covering “Big Yellow Taxi”

Alyssa Dodge Covering “Free Fallin'”

Alyssa Dodge Covering “Jolene”