Andrew Moses

Andrew Moses, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, exhibited a profound passion for music from an early age. Although his initial guitar lesson took place at the tender age of 9, it was at 13 that he truly immersed himself in the study of this captivating instrument. During this formative period, Andrew's father, Eric, played an integral role in nurturing his musical development, passing down his own innate musical acumen.

Subsequently, Andrew pursued his academic journey at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, specializing in instrumental performance. His primary focus resided in the realm of classical guitar and piano, which led him to embark on an enchanting exploration of the compositions of Chopin. This deep fascination ultimately propelled Andrew to compose and meticulously record 6 Nocturnes for Solo Guitar. These compositions garnered notable recognition and were subsequently published in the esteemed "Master Anthology of New Classic Guitar Solos" by Mel Bay. In recognition of his accomplishments, Andrew was awarded a Bachelor of Music for Instrumental Performance from West Chester University in 2003.

Andrew's artistic endeavors have reached a global audience, as his vast body of work is now accessible through all major digital music storefronts. Throughout his career, he has been an active performer and recording artist in Northeastern Pennsylvania.