For as long as he can remember, music was always a big influence on Bobby Jara's life.  He was always introduced to different styles and genres growing up, but it wasn’t until he ended up in beautiful West Virginia that he found his love for Country music. Music didn't run strong in his family, but after seeing some good friends perform songs for a high school talent show, Bobby knew he had to learn to play the guitar, so he did just that.  His guitar became a part of him and who he is. 

     It wasn’t until about 2009 though, that he had the idea of expanding his playing by delving into songwriting.  He enlisted the expertise of his mentor and friend, John Lilley, to broaden his knowledge and skills.  Music is the backbone of Bobby Jara's life and the opportunity to share his passion with friends, family, and ultimately new friends, is the greatest reward he could ask for. 

     "Life is a story, why not tell it through a song…"


Bobby Jara Country Music Medley






Bobby Jara Covering "Like Jesus Does"


Bobby Jara Covering "Modern Day Prodigal Son"


Bobby Jara Covering "Three Year Old"






 Bobby Jara Covering "All About Tonight"

Bobby Jara Covering "Amanda" LIVE

 Bobby Jara Covering "Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues"