I'm a twenty-something musician living in Rochester, NY who loves to perform at local breweries, bars, restaurants, festivals colleges and more around Western New York.  I play a variety of acoustic tunes and crowd-pleasing covers ranging from Pop, Alternative Rock, Feel-Good Oldie Bops, and even the occasional Hip-Hop.  As a bonus, I write and perform a few of my own songs, too! 

     I started learning guitar and playing music as a teenager, primarily so I could just jam out to all of my favorite songs from the radio and maybe impress a girl or two. But once college came around, I realized I wanted to do more than just sing for my friends. I wanted to connect with people through music. I love how performing allows me to reflect, express, and bond with new people, especially while bringing smiles or head bops to strangers who need it. I'm grateful for all of the connections and experiences I've been able to share with this outlet and I only hope that one day I'll get to perform for as many people as possible. 




Brian Crawford Covering “American Girl”

Brian Crawford Covering “Say You Won't Let Go”

Brian Crawford Covering “Casanova Baby”

Brian Crawford Covering “Wait For It”

Brian Crawford Performing His Original “I Want To Be With You”