Born and raised in Baltimore’s diverse artistic community, Bryce Humphrey is constantly striving to introduce audiences to different genres in accessible ways. A history of learning multiple instruments including guitar, violin, bass and drums developed his appreciation for a variety of sounds; leading to performances of a variety of genres including Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Soul. Bryce has been learning, writing and performing music consistently since the age of 5. He is a knowledgeable musician and has a strong ear for quality and listenability. In addition, his entertainment marketing degree from Drexel University gives him the ability to apply that understanding based on environment and audience. 





Bryce Humphrey Covering "Don't & No Diggity"

Bryce Humphrey Covering "What Are You Listening To"

Bryce Humphrey Covering "Next To Me"

Bryce Humphrey Covering "Sex And Candy"

Bryce Humphrey Covering "Whistle For The Choir"

Bryce Humphrey Performing His Original "Time On You"