Casey Walton is a singer/songwriter from Lancaster, PA. Her wide range of influences like Miranda Lambert, The Wreckers, Kelly Clarkson, Tom Petty, and Colbie Caillat help make every performance unique and personal, whether live or in studio recordings. In addition to playing local venues around Pennsylvania since 2010, she spent 3 years in Nashville writing with other artists and songwriters, and performing at original songwriter's nights in town. Her debut album, This Town, is a compilation of songs written during those years in Nashville, some solo and some with other artists, and is available now on all major streaming platforms. She returned to Pennsylvania in 2016 and can be found performing cover songs from a variety of genres as well as her original songs at cafes, restaurants, wineries, and private events throughout the area any given weekend.




Casey Walton Covering "Bluebird" 

Casey Walton Covering “No Strings Attached”

Casey Walton Covering “Dreams”

Casey Walton Covering “Hear You Me”

Casey Walton Covering “A Real Good Try”

Casey Walton Covering “Wine After Whiskey”

Casey Walton Covering “Slow Down”

Casey Walton Covering “All Your Favorite Bands”

Casey Walton Performing Her Original “Is It Just Me”

Casey Walton Performing Her Original “I Got You”