When he was 6 years old, Danny's mother told him he was under no circumstances allowed to listen to Eminem. Danny locked himself in the bathroom and cried. This would serve as an appropriate starting point for his passionate and emotional relationship with music. His freshman year at Gettysburg College, Danny found himself in an a cappella group and realized the thrill of performing. He's since graduated, and gravitates towards any opportunity to create music. A few years back, he picked up a guitar, and has since struggled to find anything else he'd rather do. With an acoustic guitar, a loop pedal, some beatboxing and an undeniable joy for what he does, Danny covers Otis Reading, Ed Sheeran and everyone in between. A charismatic performance, and a setlist with something for everybody, he uses his passion for music to create an atmosphere that will make you feel the same way.



Danny Spec Covering "Toes"

Danny Spec Covering "Shape of You"

Danny Spec Covering "Ex's & Oh's"

Danny Spec Covering "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"

Danny Spec Covering "Wagon Wheel"

Danny Spec Covering "Here"

Danny Spec Covering "I Don't Care"