The band Fl¡p was created by Filip (Hatche) and Joe Baglia in 2017 with the sole purpose of sharing good vibes and creating good times through the power of music! (Sounds cheesy I know) Initially the band was a two piece band, with Filip on Electric Guitar & Vocals and Joe Baglia on Drums. But shortly after a few jams together some new faces joined the group, Mike Clark fit in perfectly with the sweet tone of his trumpet and Tucker Marshal with the perfect fills on the drums added that extra spice that the band needed. The repertoire consists of Original music with a mixture of Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, & Blues Covers. The band currently is playing in the Southeastern, PA area where they are performing at local bars, pubs, taverns and clubs.







Fl¡p Covering "Little Red Corvette"

Fl¡p Covering "Mercy"

Fl¡p Covering "Breakeven"

Fl¡p Covering "Black & Gold"

Fl¡p Duo Covering "Do for Love" 

Fl¡p Duo Covering "No Diggity"

Fl¡p Duo Covering "Redbone"

Fl¡p Duo Covering "Don't"

Fl¡p Duo Covering "Electric Feel"

Fl¡p Band Covering "Treasure"

Fl¡p Band Covering "Sleep"