Jacian Blaze is a singer-songwriter and musician from the Pittsburgh Area.  At the age of 12, Blaze fell in love with music and became determined to better himself as an artist and musician day by day.  By the age of 16, Blaze released his first EP titled “Just the Beginning” with soulful, deep, and emotional songs such as “Journey", "Madman", and "Before I Go." From strumming guitar strings, playing the notes on the piano, and making overbearing bass notes in his songs, Blaze makes the kind of music that sends chills down your spine, with a message to relate to.  Drawing inspiration from many genres of music such as Mean Blues, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Pop, Blaze creates a style of music that is uniquely his own.




Jacian Blaze Covering “Loveland”

Jacian Blaze Covering “Gale Song”

Jacian Blaze Original Recording “Most High”

Jacian Blaze Covering “You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You”

 Jacian Blaze Covering "Don't," "No Diggity," & “Nina”