Hailing from Long Beach Island, NJ, Jason is no stranger to music. As a bartender in a tourist town, music is a part of daily life. After years of hearing other bands play music that everyone loved in the bars he worked, Jason decided to try the music scene out for himself. With over ten years of guitar and theatre experience, Jason booked his first gig in 2009 on a whim and has been playing ever since. Whether you want to hear classic rock or an acoustic version of the latest pop songs, Jason has got it covered. It's not uncommon to hear reggae, rock, pop, and an impromptu jam all within 20 minutes of each other. There's a little something for everyone in his set lists. Jason offers solo or duo acoustic acts. So, whether you're looking to sit back and relax or get up and dance, Jason can make it happen.



Jason Booth Covering "Zombies"

Jason Booth Covering "Billie Jean"

Jason Booth Covering "Only Want To Be With You"

Jason Booth Covering "The Only Thing That Looks Good"