Jess Royer's music is ​soulful and emotionally resonant.  Her voice hits the listener immediately, its lush alto influenced by ​the divas of yesteryear.  Through deceptively simple acoustic songwriting, Royer blends jazz chord structures with folk sensibilities for something wholly new.  Her lyrical topics are crafted out of love and personal experience. Hopeful exuberance is expressed with a melancholy sentiment and vice versa.  Throughout the deep, poignant wells her music touches on, her onstage presence remains undeniably charming, with frequent jokes and audience interactions.  Perfect for fans of Norah Jones, Brandi Carlile, and Cat Power, Royer offers her ​own unique musical perspective.  Armed with hours worth of original material along with select cover songs, Royer delivers a captivating performance with every single note she strums. 





Jess Royer Covering "Royals"

Jess Royer Covering "Summertime"

Jess Royer & Nick Warren Performing "Wandering Souls"

Jess Royer Performing "Free From These Chains"

Jess Royer Extended Live Set

Jess Royer Performing "Naive"

Jess Royer Performing "Free"