Joe Cahill is a one-of-a kind singer/songwriter hailing from good ol’ Newark, Delaware, who specializes in almost all kinds music under the sun. Whether you’re into rocking to some timeless classic rock, or hip-swinging it to some country jams or anything in between, Joe Cahill can play it for you and provide a hell of a fun time while he does it! He is currently working on his debut EP, throwing in some original songs to give his gigs that you’re sure to love! Always keeping it laid back and light, Joe Cahill is one of the bright young local talents that is well on his way to big things!




Joe Cahill Covering "Riing of Fire"

Joe Cahill Covering "Tumbling Dice"

Joe Cahill Covering "Shape of You"

Joe Cahill Covering "When I Come Around" 

Joe Cahill Covering "The Times They Are A-Changin'"

Joe Cahill Covering "Closer"

Joe Cahill Covering "Colorado"

Joe Cahill Covering "Only the Good Die Young"

Joe Cahill Performing His Original "Santa Fe"

Joe Cahill Performing His Original "Nervous"