Born an only child to John and Tina  Valerio in Phoenixville, PA, John had a  normal upbringing.  Catholic elementary  school turned to public high school, but  not before John was exposed to the world  of golf.  John was a naturally talented  golfer, thanks to his father.  

     Playing on the Phoenixville Phantom  golf team and being very successful, John  took the next logical step and headed to  Coastal Carolina University to pursue a  professional golf career.  Low and behold,  walking in to a pawn shop would change  him from the cart path to the music track.  $150 invested in a guitar, and no money  spent on lessons, John began teaching  himself to play.  Every free chance he had,  John was in his dorm room learning his new craft.  His poor roommate!  Friends offered a few pointers, and cordial jam sessions turned into the occasional open mic, which eventually snowballed to low paying gigs.  John's passion evolved quickly from golf to music.  Tragedy struck in the fall of 2005, when John's father passed away at the age of 45, losing his battle with cancer.  The constant, strong, and most influential person in John's life was no longer there.  the father and son bond that they so strongly shared was gone, forever.  Golf didn't have the same meaning to John anymore. 

     Life in the golf business slowly became second hand to John's music career.  the personal gratification he received from performing was incomparable to anything else he had ever experienced.  To pursue anything else never again crossed his mind.  In the summer of 2006 John graduated and headed home in hopes that his music career would flourish.  Shortly after his return he was able to secure enough work as a musician to focus solely on following his passion for playing, performing, and recording his first EP, Here Right Now.  





John Valerio Covering "Faithfully" By Journey.mp3 

John Valerio-"Take It Slow".mp3 

John Valerio-"Where I Stand".mp3