Los Monstros

Playing together over the years in various Salsa and Merengue bands, the members recognized their unique chemistry and decided to embark on a new musical journey together. One of the primary contributions to the originality of their sound, is the fact that the lead singer is not even of Hispanic origin, and actually entered the world of Latin music as a Merengue trumpet player. Still he nurtures his own love of singing, as well as his desire to create musical and cultural fusion by blending his own romantic vocal style, along with the unique personal musical stylings of the rest of the band, together into a new expression of the most popular Latin music of today.

You can hear your favorite current hits, alongside of re-arrangements of classic songs from all genres ranging from popular American love songs to Classic Salsa, Bachata and Merengue, even some American Pop music remixed in between, not to forget the classic reggae standards (thus the nickname “Bachata Rasta”) in a way you’ve never heard them before!

Truly a unique listening experience, Los Monstros breathe a fresh breath of life into your event with their genuine love of musical presentation and unique desire to fully entertain their audience, no matter what the occasion!