Lucille is a singer-songwriter with a passion for ukulele. With only four strings of an acoustic/electric tenor uke, Lucille's strong vocals shine to create a full & passionate sound.

     Since Spring 2017, she has quickly gathered an expansive fan base on social media for her daily covers, as well as a dedicated following in Pennsylvania. She is known for her wide range of song choices { from Regina Spektor to Eric Clapton to Blondie } and her uniquely charismatic approach to them.

     She frequently collaborates with several area musicians including singer-songwriter Carly Clark, Matt Otis and The Sound, and most notably, Phillip Freeman of The Lone Wolf Project & Small Town Titans { "Lucille & the Wolf" }

     Currently, Lucille is keeping an active show schedule in Pennsylvania and her debut EP "CAROUSEL" is now streaming on Spotify & available for download on iTunes.





Lucille Covering "Sugar"

Lucille Covering "Iris"

Lucille Covering "Crazy In Love"

Lucille Covering "In The Night"

Lucille Covering "Believer"

Lucille Covering "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

Lucille Covering "All of Me"

Lucille Covering "Pony"