Mariano Di Gabriele is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter born in Philadelphia and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. At the age of 18 when Mariano packed his bags to move to college, he took his guitar along with him as his only source of leisure. This is where his love for songwriting began. 

     With persistence and dedication, Mariano was nominated into the top five of “Best New Artists of 2015” for 93.7 WSTW local music. Mariano continues to write songs, hone his craft, and play shows throughout the tri-state area. He is a firm believer that music can change the world, and is also involved in a lot of music related fundraising. 

     Mariano’s passion for music, his fun spirit, and his desire to spread love and positive energy to the world through song will allow him to take music far. 


Mariano Covering "I'm a Believer"

Mariano Covering "Drops of Jupiter"

Mariano Covering "Chicken Fried"

Mariano Covering "I Want You Back"

Mariano Covering "Don't Stop Believin'"

Mariano Covering "Washing Dishes"

Mariano Covering "Rhythm of Love"

Mariano Performing His Original "Endlessly Devoted"

Mariano Performing His Original "Insane"