Stunning, Innovative, & Extraordinary

     Stunning, innovative, and extraordinary singer/songwriter Mycenea Worley has entered the most exciting and creative time in her entire career.  Embracing her natural-talent and refined-skill – what began originally as a 21-year old starting out on guitar blossomed into a spectacular journey; and after years of performing - Mycenea has come into her own completely, more ready than ever before to connect to the world through her beautiful rhythms and soulful music. 
     With heartfelt songs that plunge deep into your core through their honest, sincere, & authentic approach – Mycenea transcends categorization with a unique blend of acoustic/indie-folk that take influence from Rock, Soul, Country, and so much more.  The genuine, signature-style of her lyrics resonate sweetly within us all – Mycenea writes relatable, thought-provoking lyrics from a personal perspective, and sings them with confidence, clarity, & truly astounding melodies written so profoundly they’re spellbinding. 
     She is currently promoting & supporting her songs from the 2013 release of her critically-acclaimed Siren EP.  Her creative-spark has kept blazing due to the overwhelming positivity, love, and support of her  fans.  Mycenea is excited about plans for a brand-new album to be released soon and continues to work with the amazing production-talents of Bret Alexander (Saturation Acres).  She enthusiastically explores all-new ideas, melodies, atmospheres, and textures while writing & recording the upcoming record.   Ecstatic to share new songs and incredible experiences with each and every one of you out there – 2016 is set to be a landmark year for the career & music of Mycenea Worley!


Mycenea Covering "I'd Die Without You"


Mycenea Covering "Time After Time"


Mycenea Covering "Home Sweet Home"


Mycenea Covering "Angel From Montgomery"


Mycenea Performing Her Original "Memphis"


Mycenea Covering "Jolene"


Mycenea Performing Her Original "Window Panes"