Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is a high energy four piece cover group playing everything from The Beatles and Bruno Mars to Neil Diamond and Justin Timberlake. They create a fun atmosphere and exciting music experience with four multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, full light and sound set up, and custom tailored set lists with a diverse song selection.

The story of Perfect Strangers begins in mid 2014. After completing a wildly successful run with the Media 5 backed band "2Twenty2," Erik Carl (vocals/guitar) set out to form the perfect cover band. A band that could play a wide variety of music. A band that understands the professionalism and dedication that is key to a great show. A band in which each member is multi-talented. They must be able to play their instrument, sing, and possess a dynamic stage presence. A band that makes people dance, laugh, and have fun!  

The band has been on an upward trend since 2014. In addition to the club scene, the band also performs at weddings and other private events. The diversity of music they play is a big key to the success. Everything from Dance, Pop, Rock, Ska, and Reggae are featured. The set lists are crafted for each show to ensure the songs are the right fit for each situation. The goal is to create the perfect set list for each audience.

Demo Reel