Me: I just try to be me with my music. Not always easy, sometimes too easy. Music is second nature to me, always has been. I started pretty late though - not making my first attempts at guitar and singing until well into my late teens. But, one lead in a musical and I've been at it ever since.

I've been fortunate to perform in bands, duos and trios across the US and internationally. I'm mainly performing solo these days as a one-man-band doing percussion with my feet, rhythm guitar, looping, lead guitar and vocals. It's acoustic to the next level.

Music Influences: John Mayer, Zac Brown, Justin Timberlake, late 90's country, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Skynyrd and almost every musician I've performed with or jammed with over the years.




Rue Moyer Covering :Shut Up and Dance" 

Rue Moyer Covering “All of Me”

Rue Moyer Covering “Thinking Out Loud”

Rue Moyer Covering “Use Me”

Rue Moyer Covering “Wagon Wheel”

Rue Moyer Covering “To Be With You”

Rue Moyer Performing His Original “Painted By Hand”