Scott Erickson

Scott is a veteran performer who really knows how to keep an audience entertained. A "Power Solo," Scott performs primarily with just his voice and acoustic guitars, but also includes pre-programmed music for some songs. This allows him to have the sound and feel of a full band, but without the volume (and ego) problems that comes with being in one. “By adding the 'electric element' into the show,” Scott says, “I feel that I've become an infinitely more versatile performer, with new and more interesting ways to keep my audiences entertained. After all, they are why I keep doing this.”

After the better part of 20 years of performing, it shows that Scott still loves what he does. Now, he’s ready to take his show on the road and play for as many new audiences, in as many new areas around the country as possible. He freely and proudly admits, ’’Without my audience, I am nothing at all. I sincerely thank them, and I am eternally in their debt.’’

Demo Reel