Sean Nadeau

Sean Nadeau, a native of Pocomoke City, Maryland, cultivated his passion for music from an early age. In 2008, he relocated to Southeastern Pennsylvania, embarking on a musical journey that has shaped his artistic identity. At the age of 10, Sean received his first guitar from his esteemed uncle, TJ Cafiero, a significant musical influence, igniting a lifelong commitment to mastering the instrument.

As an avid songwriter, he consistently explores new sonic territories, ensuring a constant evolution of his musical output. Sean draws inspiration from an array of influential artists, with Silversun Pickups, Modest Mouse, and City and Colour holding prominent positions among his creative muses. Their distinct sounds have left an indelible mark on his artistic vision, informing his unique musical style.

With a deep-rooted passion for music and a commitment to artistic growth, Sean Nadeau continues to forge his path in the realm of music, embracing new horizons and captivating audiences with his heartfelt compositions.