DJ Special D is an acclaimed professional, equipped with knowledge learned from over a decade of service.  His uncanny attention to detail and ability to read audiences ultimately satisfies anyone within audible range.  He is an open format DJ that specializes in a number of genres, but it was his love for Hip-Hop that ultimately pushed him in the direction of becoming a DJ.  It was that same love for Hip-Hop that inspired him to perfect matching beats to ensure smooth transitions.  Special D recalls drawing heavy influence from DJ Doc B and DJ Jazzy Jeff, whom he credits as his favorite of all time.   

     On November 21st, 2015, Special D was provided the opportunity to DJ in front of a sellout crowd of over 5,000 at Santander Arena in Reading, PA for Old School Jam 2.0, which featured performances from R&B stars Keith Sweat, Dru Hill, Ginuwine, 112, and SWV.  "The high I get when everyone in the room is feeling the music is what is most satisfying," he comments.  "That's what makes me want to perform as a DJ.  Just knowing you made someone happy is the best feeling in the world!"  Special D can play for hours without breaks in the vibe, transitioning between all genres of music to keep everyone interested and alive.  




DJ Special D Performing At Bellewood Country Club

DJ Special D Performing At Bellewood Country Club 2





DJ Special D Mix 1