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     The Punkabillys started out as two guys  playing with themselves (instruments, in  case anyone should be confused).  Originally known as Burning Eyebrow, they  got their start playing acoustic style at  private parties and bonfires. The band  expanded to four members in July of 2007,  bringing an electric and harder feel. Then,  in December 2007, they changed their name  to The Punkabillys. Their new style of  original music reflected songs about local  life and growing up in Pennsylvania or  Pennsyltucky, as the case may be.

     In late 2009, they added a fifth member to play banjo and complete their Rockabilly sound. Early in 2010, they expanded their punk style by adding bagpipes and a tin whistle to create a Celtic punk sound that is like no other. In 2013, The Punkabillys transformed from electric distortion to an acoustic Grass-A-Billy style of music by bringing back the banjo and adding an acoustic guitar. This brought a unique mix of Bluegrass and Celtic Irish Folk-Grass. Their current line-up of instruments includes: 2 acoustic guitars, bass, banjo, and mandolin. They enjoy writing and playing songs about pirates, moonshine, jail, and bad decisions!





The Punkabillys "Dirty Old Town"


 The Punkabillys "PBR"


The Punkabillys "One More Pint"



The Punkabillys - "Comin' Home".mp3


The Punkabillys - "Pennsyltucky".mp3




2012 January Featured Band Celtic Folk Punk Blog-Zine

2012 Outstanding Punk Live Performance Montgomery Bucks Music Awards

2011 Best Punk Live Performance / Best Entertaining Band / Best Original Band Montgomery Bucks Music Awards

2010 Best Punk Live Performance / Best Original Band Montgomery Bucks Music Awards