Tim Lordan

Tim Lordan embodies an unwavering dedication to music that permeates his every moment, adopting an "all day, every day" approach to his craft, as his lifelong passion finds its truest expression when he takes the stage. With a captivating ability to whisk audiences away on an emotional journey, Tim's performances seamlessly blend popular music hits and mellifluous melodies that soothe the soul.

Having honed his skills as a musician through a rigorous education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Tim initially focused on mastering the guitar, but his musical journey quickly expanded to encompass vocals, proficiency in various instruments, and the art of songwriting. Tim's stage experience is rich and varied, having graced venues throughout the vibrant Philadelphia area with original bands, cover ensembles, and as a compelling solo artist. His repertoire extends to publicly performing a diverse range of cover songs, all while concurrently immersing himself in the creation and recording of his own original compositions.

Born in Delaware County and raised in the musical tapestry of West Chester, Tim Lordan has cultivated a network of talented musician friends, from whom he continually draws inspiration and knowledge. His ongoing collaborations with these peers result in electrifying musical exchanges that infuse his performances with a unique vibrancy.

During the week, Tim shares his musical expertise by teaching guitar, drums, piano, bass, and voice, nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians. Yet, come the weekend, he returns to the stage with a fervor, always striving for excellence and dedicated to delivering his very best at every show. Tim Lordan is not merely a musician but a maestro whose heart beats in harmony with the rhythm of his audience's hearts, ensuring each performance is a remarkable and unforgettable experience.