DJ TooMuch is a versatile turntable-ist  who insists on encompassing everything in  to his mix.  While emphasizing Club, Hip-  Hop, Funk/Soul, & Reggae, TooMuch is  quite  skillful in spinning practically any  other  genre, for any given affair. 

     Influenced profoundly by DJ's Jazzy Jeff,  Qbert, Mix Master Mike, AM, Diplo, & A-  Trak, this Reading, Pennsylvania native is  most accustomed to executing carefully  designed plans intended to set the mood  musically, then please the crowd.  "If you  can get them to move, whether it's dancing  on the floor, or grooving in their seats, it's a  successful night!"  TooMuch partly credits  his abilities to satisfy audiences to his  decades deep knowledge of many styles of  music. 

     His introduction to music came early.    This DJ began listening to diverse ranges of music with his father via record player during his childhood.  Later, he was unfailingly solicited at parties to provide the evenings' soundtrack using only his iPod.  After much persistence, a friend convinced TooMuch to pursue a career in spinning records.  His professional career began in 2011.    



DJ TooMuch Mixes 


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     “DJ Too Much was fantastic...he kept our guests here...he encompasses a wide variety of genres...there was a large group dancing for hours in front of the music...

Paul Burkert Assistant General Manager Stokesay Castle / Knight's Pub Reading, PA