Victoria Valendo is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter from Clinton, New Jersey now based in sunny Southern California.  Since she was 11 years old, she has had a passion for music, from the violin, to the guitar, the drums and the bass, she has pursued each instrument with dedication and the will to hone her skills.  Victoria only found an interest in singing when she entered high school, and now she considers her voice her primary instrument.  Her first experience singing in front of a large crowd was with the congregation at South Ridge Community Church in Clinton, NJ. and being a worship leader is still her greatest passion to this day.  She is the lead singer of multiple bands, as well as an accompanist for other musicians.  She has a lot of experience playing with professional bands and is always traveling and playing at different venues for weddings, parties and other special occasions.  Besides being a performing artist, Victoria is also a songwriter and composer. 



Victoria Valendo Covering "I Will Wait"

Victoria Valendo Covering "Faithfully"

Victoria Valendo covering "Back to Black"

Victoria Valendo Covering "Rolling in the Deep"

Victoria Valendo Covering "Tennessee Whiskey"