Zachary Drew

Zachary Drew is a musician whose passion for music runs deep and is evident in his life's journey. His experiences have had their fair share of challenges, but music has been a constant source of comfort and inspiration for him and countless others. Zachary's musical style encompasses a variety of genres, including soul, R&B, pop, and country.

Hailing from a musical family, Zachary's love for music blossomed from a young age, with singing being a regular occurrence in his household. As he grew older, he honed his craft and found a second musical family in the open mic scene in Doylestown, PA. With each performance, Zachary's talent and popularity grew, and he quickly established himself as a formidable performer and entertainer.

With a rapidly expanding exposure and a loyal following, Zachary is excited to take on new opportunities and reach more audiences. He is available for bookings and can be found regularly gigging in the Greater Philadelphia region. Whether on stage or at a local watering hole, Zachary is always eager to connect with his fans and deliver an unforgettable musical experience.