Dylan McGuire is a musician and songwriter dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of intelligently-crafted, guitar-driven rock/pop.  McGuire, who resides in the Philadelphia area, recently released his latest album Gravity (Or Lack Thereof), which was recorded with producer Brett Talley (of IKE).  The album signifies a return to the upbeat, hook-laden sound of his earlier work and also prominently features McGuire’s lead guitar skills.

     Dylan’s music often draws comparisons to classic alternative guitar pop (Elvis Costello, The Replacements, REM, etc.) featuring hooky melodies, a slightly left-of-center lyrical approach and a driving, raw rock sound.  On the latest album, he has also incorporated more ethereal guitar tones, inspired by the likes of U2 and Radiohead, dense vocal harmonies and nods to diverse influences such as grunge, Revolver-era Beatles and classic rock.

     McGuire’s lyrics range from tongue-in-cheek (“Circus Friend”, “Sunny and 71”, “Tracy Likes”), to soul-searching anthems (“Wear It On Your Sleeve”, “Jack of All Trades”) to angst-driven breakup songs (“Chicago”, “Parking Lot”).  Dylan first gained notoriety in the mid-Atlantic regional music scene in the early 2000s with his band Broken Jones, whose independent release Better Days was put into rotation on modern rock FM radio in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, and even Seattle.  McGuire released his solo album Another Chapter in 2007, which also generated local interest and radio play.  He then hit a home run in 2009 when a number of his tracks were featured prominently in TV broadcasts of then-MLB Champion Philadelphia Phillies.



Dylan McGuire Covering “Wonderwall”

Dylan McGuire Covering “American Girl”

Dylan McGuire Covering “Thinking Out Loud”

Dylan McGuire Covering “Norwegian Wood”

Dylan McGuire Covering “Fly Me To The Moon”

Dylan & Kristen Covering “Closer to Fine”

Dylan & Kristen Covering “Wild Horses”

Dylan McGuire Irish Rock Demo

Dylan McGuire Live at Irish Fest Havertown, PA

Dylan McGuire Trio Live