Joe Baglia

Joe Baglia is a versatile and accomplished musician with a diverse range of styles under his belt. He seamlessly blends elements of rock, R&B, reggae, country, and oldies into his performances, imbuing each with his own modern flair that is sure to get audiences grooving, dancing, or relaxing, depending on the mood of the moment.

In addition to his solo work, Joe is also a member of Springton, a talented band featuring guitar, bass, and cajon. For several year, they have been a fixture on the Philly music scene, showcasing their impressive ability to play an eclectic range of music, spanning from folk to top forty pop hits to reggae to classic rock. They have become regulars at bars and restaurants throughout the region, and have expanded their reach to include private parties, weddings, and even the Jersey Shore.

With their infectious energy and engaging presence, Springton has developed a reputation for getting audiences up and dancing, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to start a party. Whether playing in the band or as a solo act, Joe Baglia is a consummate professional and an undeniable talent, sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to experience his performances.

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