Mike DiEleuterio

Long time, die-hard musician, Mike DiEleuterio, -aka Mike D., has been at the professional game for the past 18 years as a solo act as well as the leading member of the Smokin’ Joe Acoustic Duo. Starting out at an open mic nite led to his first gig... and then another.. and then more than that, and so on.

A lover of “the B-sides” of all his favorite bands and songwriters, Mike always turns a few heads on a nite of his acoustic sets with those great songs that you don’t expect... not to mention a nice slice of the classics & sing alongs!

Classic rock to '90s, reggae to funk, '80s to country... Mike D. brings a solid mix of tunes for everyone, and can cater to any event. Small bars to large clubs, rehearsal dinners to weddings, graduations to corporate events, summer parties to the whisky bars and coffee houses...

Whether you want a one-man-show for hire, or are looking for a duo who can bring a bigger sound to the party... Mike D. or the Smokin’ Joe Duo has what you want!

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