The Wonton Soups

The Wonton Soups are a dynamic musical ensemble known for their innovative fusion of diverse musical backgrounds, including improvisational jazz, musical theater, marching band, and self-taught musicianship. Their distinct sound is a captivating blend of ska, funk, swing, punk, and big band elements, setting them apart as a truly unique musical force.

With an impressive track record of opening for national touring acts, headlining festivals, participating in community events, concert series, and fundraisers, The Wonton Soups have established themselves as a prominent presence in the live music circuit. Their performances have garnered immense praise, reflected in their ranking as the 4th most liked band out of over 400 acts on the Musikfest 2022 app.

At the core of their repertoire lies an array of original compositions that are both memorable and soul-stirring. In addition, their distinctive approach to covering familiar tunes ensures a fresh and captivating experience for audiences. Each member brings a wealth of skill and passion to the stage, resulting in an electrifying live show that leaves a lasting impression on music enthusiasts.

The Wonton Soups continually push the boundaries of musical expression, infusing each performance with a dynamic energy that captivates audiences and transports them into a realm of musical delight. Their ability to seamlessly blend various genres and musical traditions has earned them a devoted following, with listeners eagerly anticipating their next groundbreaking creation.

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Ceviche is a versatile musical ensemble comprising two to four members, specializing in the art of reimagining current and classic covers through the intoxicating influences of jazz, swing, funk, and R&B.

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