Walter Lee is a multi-talented musician from Northeastern, Pennsylvania.  He has been active musically since 2011.  In addition to playinig solo, Lee also plays in multiple groups and has gained a stellar reputation for his professionalism and talent.  Walter brings a soulful style to the music he covers.  Genres he performs include, but is not limited to; Reggae, Funk, Blues, 90's Alternative, and Rock.  With experience in multiple instruments, Walter brings a full experience to the stage with just a guitar, microphone, and a loop pedal.




Roots In Blue Stone Covering “Valerie”

Roots In Blue Stone Covering “Whipping Post”

Roots In Blue Stone Covering “Free Fallin'”

Walter Lee Covering “I'm Yours”

Walter Lee Covering “High and Dry”

Walter Lee Covering "Santeria" 

Walter Lee Covering "Landslide" & “Turn Your Lights Down Low”

Walter Lee Covering “Lightning Crashes”

Walter Lee Performing His Original “The Wayside”