Walter Lee

Walter Lee is a multi-talented musician from Northeastern, Pennsylvania. He has been active musically since 2011. In addition to playing solo, Lee also plays in multiple groups and has gained a stellar reputation for his professionalism and talent. Walter brings a soulful style to the music he covers. Genres he performs include, but is not limited to; Reggae, Funk, Blues, '90s Alternative, and Rock. With experience in multiple instruments, Walter brings a full experience to the stage with just a guitar, microphone, and a loop pedal.

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Roots in Blue Stone

Based in Pennsylvania, RIBS (Roots In Blue Stone) is a dynamic music group that creates and performs original and cover music. With a unique blend of reggae, blues, and rock, their sound is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

RIBS is composed of talented and passionate musicians who share a love for creating music. Leading band members include Walter Lee on Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, and Synth and Ian Kirk on Lead Vocals and Guitar.

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